The Accounts Chamber offered to sell confiscated goods to Russians

Confiscated goods that meet quality standards should be sold to Russians, not destroyed, in order to raise state budget revenues. About it says in the proposal of the Accounts Chamber (AC), published on the website of the department.

As examples of products that could be sold to residents of the Russian Federation, light and food industry goods, tobacco, and cosmetics are given. Together with the additional income, the auditors note, such a solution will minimize the risks of its further illicit trafficking.

An inspection of the JV showed that after confiscation and arrest, property is often lost or stored in an inappropriate condition. The agency indicates that from 2018 to 2021, more than 2 billion rubles worth of confiscated property had to be destroyed, while its sale would have brought the state about 300 million rubles.

Separately, the auditors assessed the issue of confiscated alcoholic and alcohol-containing products: it is proposed to process and use it. At the same time, the joint venture proposes to destroy goods with an expired shelf life even without a court decision, because it often takes several years to resolve the issue, and storage costs money.

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