Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russians in the south will transfer equipment “by a teaspoon”

He also declares that the pontoon crossing along the Antonovsky bridge will be destroyed.

Antonovsky bridge destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Screenshot

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov was asked if it is true that the main supply of the army of the Russian Federation now comes through the Novokakhovskaya hydroelectric power station and if the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the opportunity to interrupt it through this bottleneck.

On his YouTube channel, he replied that there is such an opportunity.

“So I understand that we are waiting for this, when the group is formed, and then we close the doors for those who entered the last on the right bank of the Dnieper. This is exactly what will be done,” says Zhdanov.

He also declares that the pontoon crossing along the Antonovsky bridge will be destroyed. As for the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, it will be necessary to destroy the bridge over the gateway there.

“If we destroy this bridge, then we practically close the possibility for Russian troops to supply this group of troops. What they start to transport there by swimming across the Dnieper, we can control it with the help of our artillery fire,” the expert says.

He noted that you don’t dung a lot on boats. And, for example, to transport the “Ural” with a full BC, a heavy floating conveyor is needed. Plus, the speed of transportation is not more than 10 kilometers per hour, plus the current, which blows constantly.

“So the Russian army will have big problems if we close this opportunity to transfer troops, logistics from the left bank to the right bank with the help of boats … I even compared this with mockery of the troops – like this, ferry fuel trucks a teaspoon, vehicles with ammunition and other means necessary for the life of the troops,” summed up Zhdanov.

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Recall On the night of July 27, the Ukrainian army launched pinpoint strikes on the Antonovsky bridgelocated near Kherson captured by the invaders. The bridge was damaged and the enemy lost transport and logistical routes.

Later it became known that enemies simply cover the damaged sections of the bridge with slabs.

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