Taras Topolya told how he treats the parties of the civilian population during the war

The singer, who now serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, assures that it is normal to try to live fully and be happy. But no need to overdo it.

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Ukrainian singer Taras Poplar, who, after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, went to defend his country, spoke about his attitude towards the life of the civilian population. The artist assures that he considers rest and some joys to be normal, because everyone should be in their place and bring victory closer as best they can. The frontman of the Antibody group shared his thoughts in an interview with the TV channel STB.

“This is a philosophical question… Not every person is able to go to the front and take up arms. Unfortunately, some do not admit it, there are cases when the guys said: “I’m afraid to shoot, I’m scared, so I will only bring harm.” And it is right when a person wants to do something else to win.I agree with this position… All people can do something for the sake of victory, but they must live, dream about something, relax and smile.For the sake of what we are fighting here. Not for the sake of longing and crying. The future of the state should be bright and successful. But there are busts – outright parties, parties, things that contrast with the fact that there is a war in Ukraine,” Taras Topolya said.

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He added that the military at the front also allow themselves to laugh at something as much as possible.

Recall Taras Poplar showedhow he saved a comrade wounded in the war.

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