Swedish residents urged to take COVID-19 rise seriously

Incidence COVID-19 in some parts of Sweden, in particular in the county of Blekinge, is increasing again. In this regard, the infectious disease specialist Bengt Wittesjo urges Swedes not to celebrate the summer solstice at the slightest symptom of a cold.

“Think carefully before celebrating the summer solstice, especially if you’re going to be celebrating with the elderly and those in poor health.” Wittesjo warned.

Coronavirus cases increased from 6% in week 21 to 44% a month later, according to regional authorities in Bleking. However, the spread of the infection may be greater because most of the testing is done in healthcare and care for the elderly.

Therefore, the inhabitants of Sweden are actively urged not to celebrate the holiday surrounded by crowds of people with the slightest ailment.

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