Streamer spent $15k to get a rare item in Diablo Immortal

The streamer, known online as Quin, managed to get a rare stone in the game Diablo Immortal only after he spent more than $15,000, according to the Kotaku portal on June 24.

The author of the article previously reported that a gamer spent about $6.6 thousand trying to get a valuable in-game item. Quin decided not to stop and became the proud owner of a 5-star legendary gem only after he invested in the game 25,165 New Zealand dollars (about $15.8 thousand at the current exchange rate). “Having that capability at all is one of the reasons the predatory game economy sucks!”– said the journalist Luke Plunkett.

Recall that the release of Diablo Immortal took place on June 2, 2022. Immediately after the release, the game was heavily criticized by fans of the franchise due to the presence of microtransactions, receiving the lowest user rating in…

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