What will change in the life of Russians from November 1: new laws

Pilots, miners and those who have reached the age of 80 will have their pensions increased, it will become more difficult to take red caviar out of Kamchatka, and the place where passports are issued will change. About these and other innovations of November – in the material “FederalPress”.

What will change in the life of Russians from November 1

Pension supplements

For those over the age of 80, Russia from November, the fixed payment will be increased – now it will amount to 14,441 rubles per month. You can apply for even larger amounts: if you had work experience in the Far North or someone is dependent.

The amount of payments will also be increased for pilots whose work experience is more than 25 years for men and 20 years for women. Increase payments for miners and miners.

Now the surcharge is 21,000 for pilots and 5,000 for miners.

Red caviar, marking water and electronic cigarettes

From November 1, it will be possible to take out only 10 kilograms of caviar from Kamchatka, while the restriction applies to both luggage and hand luggage. The authorities suggest that this will help limit the export of illegally obtained goods.

For water, sellers will need to re-label and report all sales through an electronic document management system.

Cigarettes will have to label all countries EAEU. Unmarked ones will be banned from selling.

Biometric passports will be issued by the MFC

This rule will come into effect on November 30. Everything will work exactly the same as in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Recipients will need to write an application for issuance, receive a barcode and scan it in a crypto bank.

Customs will be able to block traffic

According to the rules, customs officers could stop the transport to check the cargo, but could not pursue it. From November 7, it’s a little different: if the driver tries to escape, then it is allowed to apply special measures.

Banks will be able to check the loans of mobilized

If the mobilization affects a businessman, the bank has the right to send a request to the Federal Tax Service to find out if there are credit restrictions on it. Documents can still be provided by the mobilized person himself.

Earlier, FederalPress wrote about what will change in the lives of Russians from October 1: more benefits will be transferred to the Mir card, and the receipt of public services will be simplified.

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