US residents want to impeach Biden

Americans once again expressed indignation at the speech of the head of state Joe Bidenaccording to REN TV.

"Biden should be impeached"


This was due to his words about a shotgun that will help stop the recession in the country. citizens USA in comments to the material of the New York Post, they demanded that the president be impeached.

“Biden should be impeached: his speech has become too dangerous. He has no idea what he’s talking about,” wrote one reader.

“Obviously, the old man is no longer at home. If his advisers were smart, they would just put him in the basement so that he would not scare the people, ”said another commentator.

“We can officially declare our president crazy,” said another user.

“Many of you have been to Afghanistan. I have been in all parts of it. This is a godforsaken place,” Biden said during a speech in San Diego ahead of the midterms.

The head of state also said that his late father returned as a ghost to strangle his son, and also joked about the shotgun.

“My shotgun is waiting for the wolf,” said the head of the White House.

According to the results of the survey, more than half of US citizens do not want the current head of state Joe Biden to run for a second term, according to the Telegram channel Radiotochka NSN.

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