“They will take away her castle anyway”: Maksakova about the situation with Pugacheva

Opera singer Maria Maksakova said she approves of Pugacheva’s position and expects tough statements from her. She also believes that the Primadonna “does not hold anything in Russia.” About it informs starhit.

"They'll take her castle anyway": Maksakova on the situation with Pugacheva

Maksakova believes that all Pugacheva’s property in Russia will “be taken away anyway”, so the Primadonna should not hold on to real estate and loved ones in Russia.

“Nothing from the property in the Russian Federation is worth my feelings, everything else is acquired. All the same, Pugacheva will be deprived of her castle. It could open up huge horizons for planning,” she said.

The singer cites her own story as an example – now she lives in Ukraine, as her relatives in Russia abandoned her.

“I understand that she has an emotional attachment to all this. I myself was in a difficult position, because my family took away everything from me, pushed me to erroneous decisions. My older children-mankurts were connected to this. Alla makes a mistake with further silence, ”said Maksakova.

Formerly Maksakova explainedwho exactly ruined Volochkova’s career.

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