The State Duma appreciated Zelensky’s desire to go to Crimea

The State Duma appreciated Zelensky's desire to go to Crimea

“If a Zelensky If he doesn’t have time to escape abroad, then he will really be able to come to Crimea, but only in a car for transporting war criminals,” the politician said.

He added that from the window of the paddy wagon, the Ukrainian leader “will be able to see Crimea, the sea, and the Crimean bridge.”

Previously, Zelensky in an interview with Czech television toldthat he intends to go to Crimea “after the victory” of Ukraine.

“I really want to see the sea,” he admitted.

Later, Vice Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Alla Ponomarenko stated “” that Zelensky will not be able to carry out his plans, since he is not expected on the peninsula.

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