The remains of the Challenger were discovered under water in the Atlantic almost 30 years after the disaster

AT NASA They said that the six-meter object discovered by divers at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is part of the American Space Shuttle Challenger. This was reported on the website of the department.

Remains found in the Atlantic "Challenger"

A photo: Newspaper.RuNewspaper.Ru

The shuttle crashed in January 1986 over the Atlantic Ocean. The ship exploded 73 seconds after launch, killing all crew members. The cause of the explosion was damage to the sealing ring of the right solid fuel booster at launch. Because of this, a hole burned in the side of the accelerator, from which a jet stream was beating towards the external fuel tank. As a result, the fuel tank exploded, resulting in the destruction of the shuttle.

The disaster at that time was the largest in the history of the US space program.

Nearly 30 years after the disaster, the sunken part of the spacecraft was discovered by an underwater film crew looking for the wreckage of a World War II aircraft to film a documentary. The discovered object seemed modern to divers, and since spaceships and rockets are being launched nearby, the film crew decided to contact NASA.

NASA declared the find the property of the United States. The department is now considering what action it can take regarding the find.

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