The IAEA began checking Ukrainian facilities after Russia’s statement about a “dirty bomb”

IAEA started site inspections Ukraine after accusations RF in building a “dirty bomb”. The audit is scheduled to be completed this week, the agency’s director general said. Rafael Grossi. About it writes RBC.

The IAEA began checking the activities of two Ukrainian facilities

According to him, the check began at two facilities in Ukraine, without specifying which ones they are talking about. Earlier, he said that IAEA experts would visit the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

“CEO [МАГАТЭ Рафаэль] Grossi said IAEA inspectors have begun – and will soon complete – verification activities at two locations in Ukraine at the government’s request. Later this week, he will present his initial findings from these events,” the organization said in a statement.

Earlier, Grossi said that it was planned to carry out checks at two Ukrainian facilities where a “dirty” bomb could be produced. In addition to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, there are three operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine – Rivne, Khmelnitsky and South Ukrainian nuclear power plants. Zaporozhye NPP came under control RF Armed Forces at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine.

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