The French supported Putin’s words about sabotage at Nord Stream

The French supported Putin's words about sabotage at Nord Stream

A photo: Vladimir Andreev © URA.RUVladimir Andreev © URA.RU

“Nothing surprising! The awkward silence of the Danish and other investigators was confirmation. And then, ask yourself the question: who benefits from this crime? The answer is obvious: the Anglo-Saxons!” Mayec commentator says. He is sure that this is the work of the Anglo-Saxons.

Another reader is sure that Russia has nothing to do with the sabotage on the pipeline. “Who was interested in this explosion? Certainly not Russian,” wrote frantran. “It is surprising that the Russians can still doubt something by making this accusation,” supported the user under the nickname comynnes.

“The destruction of the gas pipeline was in the interests of the United States, and Biden directly expressed his wish and promise that Nord Stream would not work,” Esmeralda said. According to her, US President Joe Biden is interested in these diversions.

“The British have the technical capability. But still this is a terrible thing, for which they will pay dearly, ”said Gentilhomme Vieille Canaille94. In his opinion, if the British have something to do with this terrorist attack, then they will not get away with it.

The sabotage at Nord Stream took place at the end of September. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the explosion on the gas pipeline terrorist attack. According to him, explosions at Nord Stream organized by the Anglo-Saxons. In particular, Sweden, Germany and Denmark organized an investigation, but subsequently refused to transfer its results to Russia. According to The Wall Street Journal, German investigators failed identify those involved in the explosion.

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