The Federation Council characterized Putin’s speech at Valdai

The Federation Council characterized Putin's speech at Valdai

“Behind the performance Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin we were not the only ones watching Russia, followed all over the world. I hope the time is coming for us to be attentive to what the Russian president says,” the senator believes.

In his opinion, if Western countries ignore the speech of the head of state, this will lead to a situation that does not meet anyone’s interests. Kosachev recalled Putin’s Munich speech in 2007, emphasizing that the president was then accurate in his analysis of what was happening.

The senator predicted the solution of numerous world problems if Putin’s speech at Valdai was heard.

Putin’s earlier speech appreciated Kremlin official Dmitry Peskov. He called it ideological, deep, applied, and also expressed confidence that it would enter Putin’s top ten speeches in 22 years.

October 27 Putin accepted participation in the plenary session club “Valdai” 27th October. His speech and discussions with forum participants lasted more than three and a half hours. The President touched upon the topic of a special operation on Ukrainerelations with the West and “tectonic” processes in the world.

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