The best ideas of the project “Development of movement through the eyes of children” were presented in Artek

“Speaking of the children’s movement, we have a lot dedicated to the design and development of the children’s movement. The guys have a huge number of interesting proposals. We had four final presentations and would like to implement all four. Because all contain good, interesting, bright proposals. The most important thing is the ideas that the guys give, they are already working. Much of what the participants of the “Big Change” proposed last year or the year before is already being implemented,” he said. – The guys have a lot of suggestions, which made me happy, not about myself, but about their parents, mentors. The guys offered very interesting projects both in the “Big Break” and in the Children’s Movement, which involve parents together with their children. By the way, there are now more than 160,000 parents on the Big Break platform, who, together with their children, are involved in constant work. And “good Saturdays”, and volunteer activities, and the same movement “We are together””.

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