Serious compromising evidence found on Biden

American leader Joe Bidenwhen he served as vice president, was involved in foreign transactions of his son Hunter, informs Daily Mail citing its sources.

Serious compromising evidence found on Biden


The interlocutor of the publication asked not to be named, fearing reprisals. He said he witnessed a conference call in 2012 involving then-Vice President Biden, his son Hunter, a business partner Jeff Cooperlate Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his son Kee Reid, who was also in business with Hunter.

The call in the spring of 2012 focused on Hunter’s new online gambling venture in Latin America, the source said. He noted that Joe Biden actively participated in the conversation, discussing the details of the business, and appeared to participate in it as a “silent partner.”

“If I had to describe him, he would be like a board member,” the source said.

Cooper denies ever calling the President or the late Senate about any of his companies, noting that it is “a complete fabrication.” Key, Hunter and the White House did not respond to requests for comment.

If the allegations are true, the incumbent head of state could run into trouble for allegedly making undeclared profits while in office as vice president of the United States.

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