Russia may give a tough response to Poland’s demands for reparations

Russia may give a tough response to Poland's demands for reparations

According to him, from a legal point of view, Poland’s ambitions are absolutely untenable.

“But since Warsaw is planning to make some calculations, let’s look at the possible volume of theoretical counterclaims to Poland. Believe me, they will be many times larger, ”said the source of the agency.

Myagkov recalled the events of the Civil War, when Poland was advancing on the territory of Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. At the same time, local peasants were used as slaves. Also, according to the scientific director, about 120 thousand Red Army soldiers were taken prisoner by Warsaw during the Polish-Soviet war.

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an official statement on compensation for losses during the Second World War, first contacting the German authorities. Then the appeal came to Russia. Former President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman UN Security Council Dmitry Medvedev invited Poland to “wipe themselves with their filthy calculation.”

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