Rishi Sunak vows to restore confidence in British government

New prime minister Great Britain Rishi Sunak promised to restore confidence in the country’s government, undermined by his predecessors. In an interview published on Saturday The Times he also stated that he was confident in his ability to guide the kingdom through a period of economic hardship.

Rishi Sunak vows to restore confidence in British government

“I fully acknowledge that in recent weeks and months trust [к правительству] was undermined. I also understand that trust is not something taken for granted, it has to be earned. My task is to restore people’s trust, and this is what I intend to do,” he said. Sunak said he would be honest with the British, make difficult but fair decisions and focus on those issues that matter most to the people of the country, faced with the largest decline in living standards in the last half century.

The new prime minister expressed confidence that Conservative Party, which has been in power in the country since 2010, is still the political force that should govern the state. The resignation of two prime ministers and a series of scandals undermined Tory ratings. Despite Sunak’s high personal popularity, the conservatives are seriously losing Labor in public opinion polls. The next elections to the country’s parliament should be held before the end of 2024.

Despite the need to improve the image of the Tories in the eyes of voters, Sunak will have to make unpopular decisions. November 17, his finance minister Jeremy Hunt will deliver a budget message and is expected to announce tax increases and cuts in a number of budget expenditure items. Sunak declined to speak to The Times about specific measures now being discussed by the cabinet, but acknowledged that “difficult decisions will have to be made.”

“It is right to speak honestly about the compromises that have to be made. Everyone is now talking about borrowing, everyone understands that the government cannot do everything,” he said, transparently hinting that the experience of his predecessor Liz Truss should serve as a warning to politicians trying to solve all the problems of the country with borrowed funds, which as a result accelerates inflation and undermines the credibility of the authorities.

Speaking about the causes of economic problems in the kingdom, which, according to the forecasts of the Bank of England, will face a two-year recession, Sunak called the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, which led to a sharp rise in energy prices. At the same time, he did not directly mention either the mistakes made by Truss or the consequences of Brexit, which, according to the former head of the Bank of England Mark Carney, did not benefit the British economy.

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