Reuters: Turkey, UN resume ship inspections under ‘product deal’

Turkey and UN resumed inspection of ships under the grain deal after the exit Russia from it, reports Reuters, citing a source in the UN.

Turkey and the UN have resumed inspections of ships on "grocery deal"

A photo: Newspaper.RuNewspaper.Ru

“Teams from Turkey, the UN have resumed inspections of ships under the Black Sea Grain Deal,” he said.

Earlier, UN grain deal coordinator Amir Abdullah said civilian grain cargo ships cannot be a military target and food must continue to flow.

Prior to this, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexey Erkhov said that Moscow does not see the fulfillment of promises to export its products as part of the implementation of the grain deal. According to Yerkhov, 8.5 million tons of Ukrainian grain left the ports, but there are no changes in terms of exports from Russia.

Also, earlier, the delegations of the UN, Ankara and Kyiv approved the schedule for the movement of 16 instead of 14 ships along the maritime humanitarian corridor for October 31. 12 ships will depart from Ukrainian ports, and four – to Ukrainian ports.

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