Putin called Nord Stream explosions an “obvious terrorist attack”

President of Russia Vladimir Putin told at a press conference that “Gazprom” were admitted to the place where the explosions at the Nord Streams took place. About it writes TASS.

Putin called Nord Stream explosions an

The head of state explained that today, October 31, the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller reported to him on the results of the examination of the site of the explosion on the export gas pipelines. The President added that the company’s specialists were still allowed to participate in the investigation.

During the examination, two funnels were found. One of them reaches three meters in depth, the second – five, said Putin.

“A pipe 40 meters long was torn out, the gap is, in total, the pipes parted for 259, in my opinion, meters,” the head of state explained.

According to Putin, the emergency at Nord Stream is an “obvious terrorist attack.”

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