Parodist Peskov survives on his mother’s pension

Actor Alexander Peskov declared that he was forced to take money from his retired mother in order to survive. He made the corresponding recognition in the Secret to a Million program on NTV.

Parodist Peskov survives on his mother's pension

The host of the show asked Peskov, 57, for what purpose his mother sends him money.

“To survive,” the actor admitted.

According to Peskov, over the past three years he was paid money for only three concerts, he worked out the rest for free. Also, the actor cannot sell the country house in any way, and the real estate funds could change his financial situation.

Previously, the mother of the owner of Meat Empire, who was killed in 2020 Vladimir Marugov Love indicated on the culprit in what happened to her son. According to the woman, his last beloved Sabina Gazieva is to blame for the tragedy.

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