Navy Lookout: Another US carrier group heading to Europe

The American carrier strike group, led by the new nuclear aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford, will arrive in Europe in mid-November, Navy Lookout reports.

Another US carrier group headed to Europe

The aircraft carrier, which is based on about 90 aircraft and helicopters, will call at the naval base of Portsmouth in the south England. He is escorted by a missile cruiser, destroyers and a nuclear attack submarine.

Former President of the United States Joe Biden simplified the procedure for expanding and accelerating the domestic production of critical weapons and equipment for the country’s defense.

Biden noted that this is necessary to expand the production of weapons for the defense of the United States “from enemy aggression.”

Prior to this, The Hill, citing experts, wrote that Biden was mercilessly “squandering” public money, provoking a serious economic crisis in the United States.

On September 18, The Washington Times columnist Cheryl Chumley wrote in her article that the United States is approaching disaster because of the policies of President Joe Biden.

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