NATO soldiers opposing Russia are exhausted by hunger and bedbugs

French soldiers stationed in Romania to strengthen the eastern flank NATO, serve in “unworthy” conditions. This conclusion was reached by the deputies from the party “Unconquered France” Bastien Lachot and Orellan Santoul, reports RIA News with reference to the newspaper Le Figaro.

NATO soldiers opposing Russia are exhausted by hunger and bedbugs

The parliamentarians said that the French soldiers suffer from hunger and cold, the functioning of the contingent is hampered by violations in logistics. The servicemen eat extremely modestly, the tents allocated to them for living are not always heated, there are questions about sanitary conditions, and the soldiers constantly complain about bed bugs.

The deputies consider the indicated problems with the conditions of service of the French soldiers to be serious, since more than eight months have passed since their deployment in Romania. In addition, Lachot and Santoul are concerned about the message the news of starving and freezing NATO soldiers sends to Russia.

The deputies intend to discuss this topic in the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) of the country.

Earlier, the newspaper Le Monde reported that France had problems in arranging a military base for its soldiers in Romania. Some servicemen have to live under tents, there are problems with water supply, there is no foothold at the base.

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