Media: Pugacheva and Galkin * will live in Israel on welfare

Primadonna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva with her husband Maxim Galkin * (recognized as a foreign agent), as you know, moved to live in Israel. The journalists found out how much they can receive on benefits as repatriates, and the haters joked about this topic.

Pugacheva and Galkin* will live in Israel on welfare

“The monthly amount for family members will be approximately 47 thousand rubles. For the first months of residence, the star couple will receive a total of about a million rubles, ” reports.

This news is actively discussed by the Russians. Commentators expressed their condolences due to the fact that, in their opinion, the star couple will be forced to save. They only have enough money for Israeli flatbread – matzah, fans joke.

Alla Pugacheva and her husband, humorist Maxim Galkin * left Russia after the start of the special operation. There is no information about their return. According to media reports, the prima donna has a passport of an Israeli citizen.

Earlier, FederalPress wrote that Joseph Prigogine listed the stars who will lose popularity, and also named those who have a future.

*Included in the register of individuals acting as a foreign agent

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