Klitschko emotionally demanded generators and blankets from the West

Klitschko emotionally demanded generators and blankets from the West

In an interview with The Telegraph, Klitschko reportedly “slammed his fists on the table” and said:

“We are doing everything we can to save the lives of our people and protect them. But this winter will definitely be a huge challenge for us.”

Without Western blankets and generators, he said, “people will freeze to death,” the country is driven to despair by multiple attacks on power plants, and the metropolitan grid is operating in “emergency mode.”

Klitschko said his team had bought several generators and set up mobile heating units in Kyiv, but “fears are still growing” as the weather gets colder and “the Russians continue to attack key infrastructure.”

According to the mayor, the city has a significant shortage of electricity – from 20% to 50%. The power supply system is in emergency mode. Rolling blackouts will begin in Kyiv and its environs in the coming days.

Klitschko expressed hope that Ukrenergo employees would restore electricity supply to the usual level “within two to three weeks, unless circumstances beyond their control arise.”

Earlier in Kyiv, they announced serious damage to 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

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