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Singer Philip Kirkorov swearing at a TV presenter Victoria Bonya, which condemned him for his statement about the performer Nargiz Zakirova. About it informs REN.TV with reference to Kirkorov’s comment on social networks.

Kirkorov swore at Victoria Bonya

Earlier, Kirkorov called Zakirova “ugly” right during his concert in Tashkent. Victoria Bonya condemned him for this act and spoke out on social networks.

“What a disgusting act! A real man would never allow himself such a thing!” she wrote and added that Kirkorov “hadn’t had anything masculine for a long time.”

Kirkorov found out about Boni’s comment and spoke obscenely about her.

“Another ** imagined itself to be someone and decided to add one to its zero and become ten!” – he said and wondered how much more the TV presenter would remind himself of himself.

He also called Bonya “talentless”.

The publication recalls that at the end of October, Philip Kirkorov allowed himself to swear at another girl. He answered journalists’ questions in St. Petersburg and shared that he sometimes brings menus from restaurants from trips to other cities. One of the journalists asked if he accidentally steals these menus, to which Kirkorov replied: “You went to ****.”

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