Ireland complained about Ukrainian refugees

Ireland complained about Ukrainian refugees

According to the publication, in the south of County Kerry, 3,741 beds have been allocated in local hotels to accommodate internally displaced Ukrainians. This led to the country’s tourism opportunities falling by 40%. As follows from the article, this decision of the Irish government destroys the bars and cafes of Killarney.

The accommodation of refugees in hotels has led to the loss of a large number of places for travelers, and local budgets receive less money from the tourism sector.

The Irish Examiner notes that the authorities do not have the opportunity to obtain information in advance about the placement of the next batch of internally displaced persons and learn about it only when the buses “pull up to the doors of the hotels.”

Killarney now has one of the highest per capita ratios of refugees to asylum seekers in the country.

Hotelier and local council member Niall O’Callaghan says a clear plan is needed to relocate asylum seekers as attendance and purchasing power have plummeted in Killarney. He is in favor of suspending the VAT increase from 9% to 13.5% for the hospitality sector for County Kerry.

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