In the United States, they learned about Ukraine’s plans to “seize Crimea”

Administration of the President Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky develops a plan to capture Crimea. This is reported by the American edition of The Daily Beast, citing a high-ranking Kyiv official, transmits “RIA News”.

In the United States, they learned about Ukraine's plans to

The interlocutor of the US media specified that Zelensky’s representative for the peninsula, Tamila Tasheva, is responsible for the plan “to seize Crimea”. He refused to name other details and the exact timing of his preparation.

Earlier, Zelensky said that he wanted to see the sea and was going to go “to the Crimea.” Speaking of timing, he said he would do it when “it’s warm”.

Vladimir Konstantinov, head of the peninsula’s parliament, reacted to his words. He said that people in Crimea were looking forward to Zelensky and were ready to provide him with “a special room with three meals a day and the services of a narcologist.”

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