In the United States exposed the “shadow government” that rules America

USA actually run by a billionaire George Sorossince the actions of the President Joe Biden do not correspond to his mental abilities and are aimed at the destruction of the country. This conclusion was made by American Thinker columnist Brian Kamenker. RIA News.

In the United States exposed the

The author writes that Biden constantly forgets names, positions, and even entire events and clearly suffers from “dementia”, so he could not sign so many “radical decrees” on his own. Kamenker believes that the policy of the US leader has led to an energy and migration crisis, devastating inflation and terrorization of citizens.

“Everything points to the involvement of a network of Soros organizations in this,” the author is sure. He explained that the people in these organizations are experienced, smart and hate the US. They have wealth and influence, so they are quite capable of organizing all this.

Kamenker believes that it was only thanks to the coordinated efforts of George Soros’s subordinates and allies, who undermined the electoral process in the United States, that Biden was able to become president. The most influential political organizations, corporations and billions of dollars are involved in the case, the article says.

“We are all passengers on a train that is heading to hell,” says Kamenker. He concluded that if things continued like this, there would be no turning back.

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