In the United States allowed the conclusion of the winter truce between Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine can conclude a truce for the winter period, as this will meet the military objectives of both sides. This was stated in a commentary to by a former diplomat and professor at the Catholic University of America (USA) Michael Kimmage.

In the United States suggested the term of the truce between Russia and Ukraine

The specialist suggested that at this stage Ukraine and Russia are very far from an agreement on the terms of the future world. According to him, Moscow is unlikely to give up new territories, and Kyiv abandon the stated goal of returning to the borders not even before February 2022, but before 2014. From this point of view, the likelihood of a winter truce by the parties is much higher.

“It can help Ukraine survive the winter and help the Russian military regroup,” he admitted.

November 5 Zelensky declaredthat Ukraine is ready “for a fair and just world, the formula of which has been voiced many times before.” Prior to this, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that Moscow ready to negotiations with Ukraine. At the same time, he noted that Kyiv had decided to abandon the dialogue.

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