In the Omsk region, a high alert mode was introduced to protect against emergencies

Governor Omsk region Alexander Burkov introduced a high alert regime in the Omsk region to protect the population from natural and man-made emergencies. As stated in the decree, published on Thursday on the Internet portal of legal information, the decision was made in connection with the introduction by decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Omsk region the level of basic readiness.

“In order to increase the efficiency of activities in the field of protecting the population and territories of the Omsk region from natural and man-made emergencies and in connection with the introduction of the level of basic readiness on the territory of the Omsk region <...> I decide: to introduce on the territory of the Omsk region a high alert mode for government and forces of the territorial subsystem of the unified state system for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations in the Omsk region,” the decree says.

The Governor ordered to transfer to a special mode of operation facilities that ensure the functioning of transport, communications and communications, energy facilities and facilities that pose an increased danger to life and health of people and the environment. The set of measures provided for by the decree is mandatory not only for the authorities, but also for all citizens located in the region.

On October 19, Putin introduced four levels of readiness on the territory of the state: the maximum level of response in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions; the average level of response – in the border regions of Russia with Ukraine; high readiness level – in other regions of the Central and Southern federal districts; basic readiness – in other subjects of the Federation.

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