In Greece, they said they did not recognize the entry of new regions into Russia

Greece made a statement about new regions within the Russian Federation

During a press conference, she stated that the Greek authorities do not recognize the entry of new territories into Russia. She expressed support and solidarity to the Ukrainian side. According to her, “Russia’s attack” is a challenge to liberal democracy and European values. Sakellaropoulou believes that “European Union and the international community must defend security and stability against revisionism.” The head of state noted that Athens would never recognize “the illegal annexation of the territories of Ukraine, which Russia is trying to impose.”

Greece has approved and is fully implementing all the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union, the president said. In addition, Athens supported the decision Council of Europe on granting Ukraine the status of a candidate country for EU membership. Greece sent humanitarian aid, as well as defense equipment to Kyiv. The weapons are transported to Ukraine via Alexandroupolis.

Earlier, Athens and Berlin reached an agreement according to which, instead of the German-made BMP-1 armored infantry vehicles sent to Ukraine, received by Greece in 1994, the country will accept an equal number of German-made Marder armored vehicles.

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