In Altai, a student hit a friend in the back with a knife and pierced his lung

AT Altai Territory A 14-year-old boy was hospitalized after being attacked by a peer. This was reported by the REN TV channel, citing a source.

In Altai, a schoolboy pierced his friend's lung with a knife

A photo: Newspaper.RuNewspaper.Ru

The incident occurred on the evening of November 6 in the village of Novoegoryevskoye. The schoolboy went for a walk with a friend from the Novosibirsk region, who came to visit his grandmother. Some time later, a conflict broke out between the boys, during which the teenager grabbed a knife and stabbed his opponent in the back.

The victim was taken to the hospital – doctors diagnosed him with a ruptured lung. Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident. The schoolboy was detained and taken from him on his own recognizance.

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