Former Pakistani PM Khan injured in leg in assassination attempt

Former prime minister Pakistan and chairman of the opposition Movement for Justice (JZS) party Imran Khan was wounded during the assassination attempt, he has injuries to both legs. This is reported by the channel

Former Pakistani prime minister wounded in leg in assassination attempt

A photo:

The attempt on the politician was committed on Thursday, November 3.

“The bullet hit him in both legs. She hit her right leg and damaged the bone of her left leg, ”the publication specified.

Imran Khan was attacked in Wazirabad city of Gujranwala district, he is now undergoing treatment.

It is established that the assailant fired a pistol at Khan several times when the politician was standing on the roof of the truck. As a result of the attack, one person was killed and 13 others were injured. At the moment, nothing threatens the ex-premier’s life.

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