Erdogan wants to return Odessa to Turkey – expert

The current Turkish leader will try to regain control over Odessa.

Erdogan wanted to return Odessa to Turkey

According to an expert on the Middle East, Recep Erdogan full of geopolitical ambitions and for him participation in the conflict on Ukraine is an opportunity to try to get hold of extensive territorial acquisitions.

In particular, as the political scientist notes, the Turkish president may well want to return Odessa, which was once the most important port controlled by his predecessors, to the zone of his national interests.

According to Satanovsky, at the moment Erdogan is not abandoning his attempts to “separate” the participants in the process of resolving the crisis in Ukraine in such a way that Odessa and, possibly, some other regions will eventually go to Turkey.

Earlier it became known that Russia suspended its participation in the grain deal.

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