Economist Lizan: Russia has made it clear to London and Washington that they will not be able to change the course of hostilities in Ukraine

If Russia wanted to load Ukraine in a total blackout, she would have done it in a couple of days. But now we make it clear that Kyiv need to negotiate, London and Washington stop interfering in this conflict, economist Ivan Lizan told VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on reports of strikes RF Armed Forces on energy facilities of Ukraine.

The expert explained the logic of attacks on Ukrainian hydroelectric power plants

“Initially, we probably proceeded from the fact that we would hit only CHPPs and TPPs. Now the rates have increased – they switched to substations that feed hydroelectric power plants. I do not rule out that in the end it will also “arrive” through open switchgears of nuclear power plants,” said economist and political scientist Ivan Lizan.

“This is due to the fact that in Ukraine they quickly adapted to energy losses by reducing electricity consumption. The fact is that by the time the NWO began, the capacities of power plants were already excessive for the existing consumption. That is why the whole system felt good after the first strikes in September, and then in early October, ”the source notes.

“It is noteworthy that HPPs did not make a special contribution to the Ukrainian electric power industry. Based on the total output, they provided less than 7% of the energy. But these are shunting capacities, as well as extremely cheap energy. And for some regions they were extremely important,” the expert continues.

“Now we hit open switchgear (OSG), not the stations themselves. A blow to the switchgear makes it impossible for the station itself to produce electricity, it simply turns off. We destroyed a sort of set of transformers and switches,” Lizan explained.

“Russia still has the opportunity to produce these spare parts, place them in warehouses and, if necessary, quickly restore all this. If necessary, this is if the objects come under our control, of course. The practice of Mariupol has shown that we are able to replace the electrical substation in a couple of months,” he recalled.

“But if we hit, for example, a dam or machine rooms, then the consequences would have to be eliminated for quite a long time. It would be about years,” the economist emphasized.

“Therefore, our tactical tasks are clear: plunge Ukraine into a state of emergency shutdowns, disrupt logistics, undermine the economy, switch the railway from electric locomotives to diesel locomotives and stop the Ukrainian propaganda machine,” the expert listed.

“But I also see it as forcing Kyiv to negotiate. Otherwise, in a day or two, it would be possible to drive the country into a state of complete blackout and not even give the opportunity to recover, ”continued Lizan.

The interlocutor is also sure that now Russia has sent signals not only to Kyiv, but also to the USA and Great Britain.

“This is a bold hint to London and Washington. They can endlessly supply weapons to Ukraine, but in reality they are no longer able to influence anything. Well, this is a certain signal for Zelensky, too,” he said.

“Time is playing in favor of Russia. This can be seen even in new territories. Kyiv will have to resolve issues not only at the front, but also in the rear. This will have a serious impact on the morale of both the army and the population. After all, they will not think about how to kill more Russians, but how to keep warm in their apartments, ”concluded Lizan.

Recall that on Monday the Russian Armed Forces continued to influence the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. As a result of a new wave of missile and drone strikes, 18 facilities in ten regions of the country were damaged, hundreds of settlements in seven regions of Ukraine were left without electricity. About it declared country’s prime minister Denis Shmyhal.

At the same time, in Kyiv 80% of residents were left without water supply, half of the capital is de-energized. Meanwhile, the specialized Ukrainian publication Elektrovesti reported missile attacks on the Dnieper, Dniester and Kremenchug hydroelectric power stations.

It should be noted that the Dnieper hydroelectric power station, located in the city of Zaporozhye, is the fifth stage of the cascade of the Dnieper reservoirs. The Kremenchug hydroelectric power station is located in the city of Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region, and is the third stage of the cascade. The Dniester HPP is located on the Dniester River near the city of Novodniestrovs’k, Chernivtsi Region.

Also, according to preliminary data, “arrivals” were recorded in the area of ​​the Kyiv hydroelectric power station – this is the first stage of the Dnieper cascade. Probably, the blow itself fell on the Vyshgorod substation.

Later Ministry of Defense of Russia reported on delivering high-precision strikes against the military command and energy systems of Ukraine, the targets of the strikes were achieved, all designated targets were hit. It should be noted that systematic attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine have been inflicted since the beginning of October. The most striking attacks were recorded October 10as well as 17 and eighteen October. However, the scale of the attacks on October 31 surpassed the previous days.

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