Cumhuriyet: Zelensky’s decision on special operation opened a crack in NATO

“[Президент Украины] Vladimir Zelensky stated that he was open to negotiations with Moscow and put forward several conditions. This event not only gives an idea of ​​the position of Ukraine on the battlefield, but also demonstrates a crack in the Atlantic alliance,” the author of the article believes.

According to him, the United States has lost its former influence, and countries European Union distance themselves from each other. “Each participant is busy saving his own skin.”

Earlier it became known that Zelensky listed five conditions for negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. These included “respect for the Charter UN”, transmits R.T. At the same time, NATO expressed the opinion that the alliance does not want termination fire in Ukraine, if conditions are set by Russia. They noted that if Ukraine makes concessions, “it will mean a catastrophe for the entire Western world.”

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