Buzova first commented on the affair with the deputy

Singer Olga Buzova shared details of her personal life. This is reported

Buzova first commented on the affair with the deputy

Earlier, a video appeared on the network in which Buzova was talking to a married Chelyabinsk deputy. Ilya Mitelman on the beach in Dubai. The singer decided to respond to rumors about a possible romance.

“As soon as a male object appears physically next to me, he automatically – whether he wants it or not, whether I want it or not – becomes my young man. I open this news with a smile. Thanks to the press, I found out what this man does. We ended up in the same company quite by accident,” she said.

In addition, Buzova commented on the photographs in which she was captured along with the actor and participant in the show “Stars in Africa” Anton Filipenko. Buzova did not answer the question about their possible romance.

“My heart is ready to receive a new portion of love. Everything in my life is based on true sincere love. There is no other reason why I would be around a man. Only for mutual great love, ”the singer clarified.

Previously an expert appreciated possible expenses of Olga Buzova for plastic surgery.

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