Butusov called the Ukrainian crisis a “devilish conspiracy”

Musician Vyacheslav Butusov stated that humanity could not organize the Ukrainian crisis without the participation of the devil. About it informs RIA News.

Butusov called the inevitable conflict in Ukraine

According to Butusov, people do not have “physical and mental resources” to organize such a conflict – to “take and lay down their lives for this conspiracy against humanity.”

“It [украинский кризис – прим.ред.] it is monstrous, because a person is not able to make this “porridge”. <...> That’s why I call it a diabolical action,” the musician believes.

Butusov doubted that any of the people could have thought of sowing discord between entire nations.

Earlier in an interview with Arguments and Facts, Butusov toldthat he “can’t be driven abroad with a stick”, and he is waiting for a tour in the USA “with horror”.

The musician called his attitude to his homeland and the places where he lives “almost sacred.”

Butusov emphasized that he could “mourn, sympathize, sympathize, sympathize with everything that happens,” but he does not understand how one can be in opposition to one’s own state.

He also said that he was coming to Crimea with a clear conscience and had nothing to do with politics.

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