Brits advised to close curtains at night to save energy

The chairman of the UK State Climate Change Committee, John Gummer, recommended that residents of the country close the curtains at night and insulate windows to keep the heat in the house and not overpay for electricity in the face of rising prices. The newspaper reported on Wednesday The Daily Telegraph.

The authorities gave the British advice on how to keep the heat in the house

According to her, Gummer wrote a letter to the head of the United Kingdom Treasury, Jeremy Hunt, asking him to launch a public campaign to inform the British about ways to reduce energy costs. In particular, he proposed to promote the idea of ​​thermal insulation of water storage tanks, as well as lowering the temperature of the water entering the network of the boiler installed in the house. According to the climate change committee, such steps could save the Treasury £34 million ($39 million) in energy support measures for the population.

According to the London-based Center for Economic and Business Research, the UK is at risk of facing the biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s as a result of the crisis in the energy markets in Europe against the backdrop of events in Ukraine. According to official data, inflation in the kingdom in September was 10.1% year on year – the highest rate in the last 40 years.

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