Bloomberg: Putin at the G20 will deal a crushing blow to the United States

USA not very successful in the Cold War and losing allies. This is evidenced in particular by the visit of the Chancellor Germany Olaf Scholz in Chinawhich the United States has included in the list of its main threats along with Russia. The split will become even more pronounced after the G20 meeting, where Indonesia β€” hostess of the summit β€” invited the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This will deal a crushing blow to the President of the States Joe Bidenwrites Bloomberg.

β€œThe rift between the US and most of the world will become even more pronounced later this month. Indonesia, another country economically overly dependent on China, hopes to host Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Bali,” writes Bloomberg. The authors of the article note that US President Joe Biden risks being doomed to “a solo battle” because “Europe will not turn away from Asia, despite the fact that Asia supports Russia.” According to the publication, with his visit, the Russian president will deal a crushing blow to Biden: the business lobby and economic interests of Europe and the United States themselves are very far from subordinating to the “security imperatives” of the American leader.

After the start of the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, most Western states imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation. However, in the first place, the restrictions hit the economic interests of these states themselves, and among representatives of Western industry, dissatisfaction and proposals to lift sanctions against Russia are already clearly heard. In particular, restrictions on Russian gas supplies have caused a crisis in many countries dependent on Russian fuel. According to Hungary, which remained an ally of Russia, The European Union only hurt itselfwhen he imposed sanctions against Russia, which led to an energy crisis and colossal inflation in the eurozone, reports channel 360.

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