Biden says US will ‘liberate Iran’ soon

The president USA Joe Biden declared that the United States would soon “liberate Iran”, adding also that the people of this country “will liberate themselves.” The American leader made this statement while speaking Thursday in California at a campaign event Democratic Party. Broadcasted by TV channel C span.

Biden said the United States will soon "liberate Iran"


Biden talked about the situation with access to healthcare for American veterans, but digressed and unexpectedly turned to the Iranian topic, responding to a call from someone in the room to touch on this topic. “Don’t worry, we will liberate Iran. They will liberate themselves pretty soon,” Biden said without giving any details. The hall reacted to these words of the president with exclamations of approval. After that, the head of the White House again returned to the story of the veterans.

Unrest has not subsided in Iran for more than a month after the funeral of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died on September 16. According to the official version, the police detained Amini for improperly wearing a headscarf. During interrogation, she suffered a heart attack from which she died. However, information was circulated on social media that Amini had been beaten by the police. On October 7, the Iranian Forensic Medicine Organization issued an official report on the cause of the girl’s death, stating that she was not injured.

Against the backdrop of unrest in Iran, the US and European Union imposed sanctions on Iranian individuals and entities that Washington and Brussels believe are responsible for the crackdown. Tehran believes that the US and the EU are using sanctions as a tool to increase social tensions in the Islamic Republic.

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