Biden denies UK a comprehensive trade deal

Trade deal between Great Britain and USAwhich was once welcomed by deputies British Parliament as a post-Brexit reward now seems a distant prospect. Administration of the President Joe Bidenseems unwilling to make progress until the next presidential election.

Biden denies Britain previously promised post-Brexit reward

“They are not considered a priority,” a source familiar with the matter said, according to the Express newspaper.

A comprehensive UK-US trade deal is unlikely, experts say, as President Biden nears the end of his first term.

“Biden is not inclined towards free trade agreements. He considers himself Irish by origin and believes that the British government creates serious problems in Northern Ireland. In this regard, he takes the opposite line towards the British,” said Peter, a researcher at the British Trade Policy Observatory. Holmes.

According to him, it is difficult to imagine that there is a majority group in Congress that will succumb to the persuasion of the British government. In addition, Republicans supporting the former president Donald Trumptake a protectionist stance on trade.

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