Before you fall asleep: Ukraine’s main mistake and Tinkov’s unexpected statement

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Zelensky called the main mistake of Ukraine

The president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky stated that the main mistake Kyiv recent decades there has been a lack of work on a strong security system. He spoke about this in an interview with Czech Television.

“We have not developed a strong security stance over the past decades because we did not expect such aggressive behavior from them. This was the biggest mistake of our country, Ukrainian politics,” Zelensky stressed.

Tinkov made an unexpected statement about the brand of the bank

Entrepreneur and Former OwnerTinkoff Bank» Oleg Tinkov said that the Tinkoff brand has long been owned by a credit institution. He shared the relevant information in an interview for the YouTube channel “Russian norms!”.

“It (brand) in the class “Finance” belonged to the bank for a long time,” the entrepreneur emphasized.

Peskov answered the question about Putin’s participation in the 2024 elections

press secretary President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether he will run in the elections in 2024. It is reported by RIA Novosti. Amendments to the Constitution gave the incumbent the right to run in 2024. Putin noted that thanks to this, officials will work, and not deal with the calculations of the successor.

Medvedev allowed the return of the death penalty

Deputy head Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev stated that Russia could “overcome” the current moratorium on the death penalty if necessary. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel. Medvedev noted that during the Great Patriotic War, “no one was arguing with the accomplices of the Nazis.”

Russia used the latest weapons in Ukraine

Russia has used new Kh-32 cruise missiles in Ukraine to strike military targets, RIA Novosti reports citing an informed source. The agency notes that this missile is called the “aircraft carrier killer.” The Kh-32 supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles were “repeatedly” fired by Russian long-range bombers.

Homeowners warned about the risks of being homeless

Yevgenia Ryzhkova, a lawyer at the Yakovlev and Partners legal group, told in what cases the owner can lose an apartment due to debts according to executive documents. According to her, the execution of the debtor’s property according to executive documents is first of all applied to his money, and in their absence – to other property, including an apartment. In this connection, in connection with what the debt arose, it does not matter. It can be utilities, alimony, credit.

A man staged a stabbing at a school in Rybinsk

A man with a knife attacked one of the schools in Rybinsk. As a result, one employee died, another person was injured. The children were not at school at that time because of the holidays. This is reported by the Mash Telegram channel. The incident occurred at school number 43. The attacker’s name is Vladimir. As it became known, the deceased Elena Komazova was his cohabitant, she worked as a secretary at the school.

Experts named an alternative to Ukrainian grain

Krasnodar grain could become an alternative to Ukrainian grain. The region managed to harvest a record harvest in 2022 – some volume can be sent to African countries, experts told URA.RU.

This is how they commented on the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratievwhich took place on Tuesday, November 1st.

Fatal accident in the center of Moscow caught on video

In Moscow, on the street of 1905, there was a mass accident involving a taxi car, a truck and a bus. According to Govorit Moskva, the heavy truck crushed the passenger car, squeezing it between itself and the bus. Emergency services are on the scene. According to preliminary information, the taxi driver died, the truck driver fled the scene of the accident. The details of the incident are being investigated.

Ovechkin broke his stick in a rage after losing to Vegas

Russian forward of the National Hockey League (NHL) Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin broke his stick in a rage after losing a game against the Vegas Golden Knights. It is reported by “”.

The match ended with the victory of the “knights” in extra time with a score of 2:3. Leaving the ice, Ovechkin broke his stick and threw it into the room under the stands.

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