Before you fall asleep: the Kremlin on the status of the Kherson region and the warning of scientists about the collapse

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The Kremlin spoke about the status of the Kherson region

Kherson region remains a subject Russian Federationthere can be no changes in this, said the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. About it writes RIA Novosti.

“This is a subject of the Russian Federation. Legislatively, this subject is fixed, defined. There are no and cannot be any changes,” Peskov said.

Scientists warn of ecosystem collapse by 2030

A group of scientists in the field of permafrost and glaciology believes that if nothing is done about the melting of polar ice sheets, mountain glaciers and permafrost, then by 2030 the ecosystem may collapse. They stated this in a report on the Earth’s cryosphere, which was prepared for the international climate summit COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Medvedev spoke about the territorial sovereignty of Russia

“The concept of territorial sovereignty has not disappeared anywhere in our country. Everything will return home. To the Russian Federation,” Medvedev wrote.

The Central Bank predicted losses for banks

At the end of the year, the banking sector is unlikely to “become a profit”, despite the fact that losses have been significantly reduced. This was stated by the head of the department of banking regulation and analytics Bank of Russia Alexander Danilovwrites TASS. He made such a statement on the sidelines of the Finopolis forum.

Mash announced the disconnection of Karpov from the ventilator

The fortune of the former world chess champion and MP State Duma Anatoly Karpov improved. According to the Telegram channel Mash, the grandmaster was disconnected from the ventilator and transferred from intensive care to the neurosurgical department. Recall that at the end of October, 71-year-old Karpov was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky Research Institute with a fracture of the femoral neck and a traumatic brain injury. He was injured after falling near the State Duma building.

Moscow City Court upholds expulsion of blogger Nekoglay

Moscow City Court approved a fine of 5 thousand rubles and deportation from Russia to Moldova for the blogger Nekoglai (real name – Nikolay Lebedev) for violation of immigration rules. According to RIA Novosti, the Tiktoker himself participated in the meeting via video link from the special detention center and said that he no longer wanted to challenge the decision of the lower instance.

Fraudsters have found a new way to deceive Russians through AliExpress

In the Moshelovka project of the Popular Front, they talked about scammers opening stores on AliExpress using the TIN of self-employed Russians and under their names. Izvestia writes about it. One of the victims turned to Moshelovka, she said that angry AliExpress users began to attack her with phone calls. From conversations with them, the woman realized that someone used her TIN and opened a store whose customers were deceived.

New scandal: there are concerns about surveillance of the guests of the World Cup in Qatar

France’s National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) believes that the smartphone apps fans need to attend the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar can actively follow them. This was reported to the European publication Politico by a representative of this French regulator.

Electronic driver’s licenses appeared on the State Services

A digital copy of the driver’s license has appeared in the Gouslugi.Auto application. According to “Kommersant”, earlier in electronic form using the application it was possible to present only a certificate of vehicle registration. It is noted that the certificate is available both in the form of a full copy and in the format of a QR code – an inspector can read it using a special device. At the same time, the application notes that police officers still have the right to demand a physical version of the document from the driver.

Berkova remembered the last meeting with Stoyanov

Adult film actress Elena Berkova spoke about the last meeting with her ex-husband, an actor Andrey Stoyanov. According to Channel Five, the couple saw each other in court during the divorce. Berkova admitted that she did not come alone then because of fears for her safety. According to her, at the meeting, the ex-husband behaved aggressively, but Stoyanov still managed to restrain his emotions.

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