American TV journalist told why Ukraine is needed by the United States

Ukraine US Democrats need only one goal – to satisfy domestic political ambitions, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said.

TV presenter in the United States revealed the essence of US-Ukrainian relations

According to him, real support Kyiv clearly not taken from democracy, since “Ukraine is far from being a democratic country, reports RIA News”.

Carlson also cited as an example a letter in which liberals urged the incumbent US president Joe Biden to dialogue with Moscow. The broadcaster noted that the letter was reasonable, but recalled how this message angered Democratic sponsors among military contractors. Realizing that the US dialogue is unprofitable, the so-called progressives immediately withdrew the letter, and then placed all responsibility on their apparatus and called what happened a mistake, he concluded.

The VZGLYAD newspaper said that in American politics happened exceptional case – dozens of parliamentarians, members US Congress sent a letter to Biden. Even more exceptional was the ending of this story: Congressmen withdrew this letter back.

According to the expert, the withdrawal of the letter hardly means that the Democrats have overcome the split – rather, on the contrary, they will try to sweep the rubbish back under the rug.

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