Storms send sea sickness to the Russian fleet, and then form a threat through the drift of mines, – ZSU

At once the sea is very stormy. Also, I’m afraid of the enemy for an hour at a time to hide in the points of base. In order to resist maritime ailments, the crews of 4 missile and 3 great landing ships are tested – the same number of Russian ships are based at the Black Sea.

Up to those Shelling on Pivdnі – prove the greatest agony of the enemy: what happened in the region on 23 worms

The threat of missile strikes is being removed

In the operational command “Pivden” they say that the threat of a missile strike from the sea is too high, but not including strikes from the timely payback of the territories of the Crimea and Kherson region. Also, for attacks on Ukraine, the enemy can defeat strategic aviation.

A storm can drag sea minis to the shore

Even though the stormy weather hits the ships of Russian zagarbniks, at the same time it increases the risk that sea miniatures can drift in the waters.

Also, remember and call on the safety that you can take in the coastal waters and on the coast of the entire pivdennogo region. Do not be fooled by the rules of action in case of repeated alarms, ahead of fences, as if in the first line of directing to save your lives,
– they voiced in OK “Pivden”.

Yakiy rizik landing landing on Odessa region

  • To the Russians Odessa, a dumb brush in the throat, but a stink of a stench, they don’t plan to hang out there, and they don’t get ready for anything.
  • So, at the Black Sea, the great landing ships of the occupiers, also singing landing risk. Although the wine is minimal, the shards at this stage of the war are more healthy for the Russians.
  • After a few days of success on the dry land on Pivdenny directly, there is no opportunity to catch the marine infantry at the time of the landing. For all that, it is not a secret for anyone that in Odessa they overhauled a tight defense system.

Before the word, in the face of Pivdni, Russians are less likely to trim the defense and try to conduct a counter-battery fight. The Russian command does not conduct active operations and does not create daily shock groups, also the threat of refurbishment stepping on someone’s straight line is minimal. Vtіm, unfortunately, the Russians, mute in agony, mercilessly fire on Pivdni civilian objects.

Before those, the Russians attacked Odessa again: marvel at the video

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