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Zelensky announced the presence of Ukrainian forces at the level of NATO countries Russian news EN

President Zelensky said that the forces of Ukraine are at the level of NATO countries

The president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with CNN declaredthat the forces of the state are at the level of countries NATOso he considers an honest desire Kyiv join the North Atlantic Alliance.

“We are confident that we have already shown the capabilities of our forces to the whole world. By the level of training, by the stability of our defense system. I think that we are at least at the same level as the NATO member countries,” the Ukrainian leader emphasized.

If Ukraine’s path to the alliance takes longer than the country can afford, Zelenskiy said, Kyiv needs security guarantees to be able to achieve membership.

The head of state indicated that the public in the NATO countries supports his country, but a number of leaders have not yet come forward to join the political bloc.

The fact that Ukraine intends to apply for NATO membership in an accelerated mode, Zelensky informed at the end of September. In his address, the head of state also said that Kyiv has de facto already passed its way into the alliance and is part of it.

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