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Zelensky announced the possibility of negotiations with Russia Russian news EN

Ukrainian President Zelensky said he did not close the door to negotiations with Russia

The president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced the possibility of negotiations with Russia. He noted in an interview with CNN that he did not close the door for dialogue when ready Moscow to the world.

I didn’t close the door. I said, we will be ready to talk with Russia, but with another Russia – one that will be truly ready for peace

Vladimir ZelenskyPresident of Ukraine

The President pointed out that the most important condition is the restoration of justice, but there were no such statements from Russia.

November 9 official representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova reportedthat the Russian Federation is ready to negotiate with Ukraine, taking into account the realities that are emerging today. According to the diplomat, Moscow has never abandoned the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnegotiations with Kyivbut at the same time urged to take into account the situation that “is developing at the current moment.”

November 8 Zelensky named conditions for negotiations with Russia. The requirements were compensation for all losses caused as a result of a special military operation (SVO), restoration of the integrity of the country’s territory, respect for the Charter UNpunishment of war criminals, as well as guarantees that NWO will not happen again.

In September, the Ukrainian leader officially announced that he was refusing to negotiate with Moscow.

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Zelensky called the volume of Western aid insufficient

The President of Ukraine called insufficient amounts of Western assistance and said that he was ready to deal only with calls to foreign partners in order to increase them.

Do we have enough funds for defense? No, I don’t think we have enough of them at all. Is it enough to make a hundred or a thousand calls? Perhaps not enough either. But I’m willing to make a thousand calls if every call I make leads to more air defense systems.

Vladimir ZelenskyPresident of Ukraine

Earlier Zelensky, commenting on messages from Republican Party USA about a possible reduction in aid to Ukraine after the midterm elections, expressed hope for maintaining the previous level of support for Kyiv from Washington.

Deputy Secretary of State USA on European and Eurasian issues Karen Donfried reportedthat Washington intends to continue to provide comprehensive support to Kyiv, regardless of the results of the midterm elections. According to her, the current government of the United States is confident in the steadfastness of assistance to Ukraine.

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Ukrainian forces are at the level of NATO countries

Zelensky said that Ukraine’s forces are at the level of NATO countries, so Kyiv’s desire to gain membership in the alliance is honest.

We are sure that we have already shown the capabilities of our forces to the whole world. By the level of training, by the stability of our defense system. I think we are at least on the same level as the NATO member countries.

Vladimir ZelenskyPresident of Ukraine

The head of state stressed that if the path to the political bloc turns out to be longer than Ukraine can afford, Kyiv needs security guarantees.

Zelensky added that the public in NATO countries supports his country, but some leaders are still not in favor of its entry into the North Atlantic alliance.

The fact that Ukraine intends to apply for NATO membership in an accelerated mode, Zelensky informed at the end of September. In his address, the head of state also said that Kyiv has de facto already passed its way into the alliance and is part of it.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the decision on membership should be made through a meeting of 30 partner countries, and stressed that the alliance is now focused on providing support to Ukraine in the conflict with Russia.

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