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Zakharova accused the United States of controlling other countries in voting on a resolution at the UN Russian news EN

Zakharova said that the United States controlled other countries in the voting on the resolution at the UN

Official representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated that USA controlled other countries in voting on the resolution Russia in UN. She posted the corresponding video on Telegram.

According to Zakharova, in the footage, a representative of the US delegation checks and notes the presence of representatives of other allied countries before the meeting of the Third Committee, which was devoted to a draft resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism. “To make it clear how “democracy is being created,” she stressed.

She called what is happening “a stick system of free voting.” “An important nuance. This is not party discipline. It is one country that controls how other countries vote in the UN,” the representative of the Foreign Ministry noted.

In October, Maria Zakharova named hypocritical US calls for peace talks on Ukraine. So she commented on the words of the official representative of the National Security Council (NSC) of the United States John Kirbywho said that Russia allegedly impedes the start of peace talks.

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