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The Drive: the US army wanted to buy Russian AK-74s

Army USA wanted to buy Russian 5.45 mm AK-74 assault rifles or their clones not manufactured in Russia. About it informs The drive.

The publication writes that the Army Contracts Command in New Jersey approached their owners with a proposal to purchase Russian assault rifles. According to The Drive, the military did not specify for what purpose they need Russian machine guns.

The publication notes that the US Army has various types of foreign weapons, which are used, in particular, by special operations forces, during exercises and for testing and developing advanced technology.

It is noted that of particular interest are automata from Romania (md.86), Russia (AK-74) and Germany (MPi AK74), while other samples, such as Bulgarian AR-SF and Polish Tantal, are not needed.

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The publication recalls that the AK-74 is still one of the main machine guns in the Ukrainian army.

In September, military historian Nikita Buranov declaredthat the Russian AK-12 assault rifle used in a special military operation on Ukraine”will not drop its laurels” AK-74, which is its predecessor.

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